Jennifer’s Pony

I used to have a close friend and one of the things we had in common was our love of horses. Over time we lost touch. Life has a habit of doing that.

However I still have photos taken back in our day. This portrait is from one I intended on using as a reference for a painting. I changed it a little, making the halter red instead of the original blue in the photo.

I hope she still has some connection to horses as I do with my art.  But then most of us never really outgrow horses do we?

Watercolour painting on Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper.


Mattie and Herbert

This is a wedding gift for the bride and groom of their pets, Mattie and Herbert.  I’ve met Mattie (who was on guard during the ceremony) and hope to meet Herbert soon.

mattie & herbert final with sig© for blog                                                         Watercolour painting on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper.



It’s amazing the bond we have with our animals…

This is a watercolour painting on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper.

ern and friend©sig

Julie and Leo

Once in a while I get to do a painting with a person as one of the subjects. Most of my commissions are of animals only and it’s a bit of a change when asked to bring a human into the picture.

This is a watercolour painting on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper.

julie & leo©sig

Merry Christmas!

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

Christmas sig© 2013


This portrait is a wedding gift for a couple of their dog Tommy.  He is another dog that I have never met and needed to rely on photos for reference.  As it was a surprise the only photographs available were from a cell phone.  I find cell phone pics are grainy and don’t print very well so I was a little concerned how the portrait would turn out.  However I’m happy to say the couple are quite pleased with it!  Tommy seems like a really nice easy-going fellow as evident in his photos.  I especially liked the exasperated expressions he had when dressed for Halloween!

This is a watercolour painting on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper.

Tommy © sig


My latest commission is of Pixie, a Yorkshire Terrier.

She’s a little sweetheart and is great friends with my dog.

The painting is done in watercolour on Arches 140lb cold pressed paper.


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